Refresh Your Self with Water Facial Spray

Using Water Facial Spray on an Airplane.

Thinking that you were doing everything right for maintaining or re-generating your youthful facial skin, you may have been using a facial water or mineral water spray just while you were sitting on the plane … Well, stop that!

The airplane air is necessarily kept dry enough to dehydrate and kill things, hopefully, just the bacteria living in what you have to breathe. You have to be aware of what that same air is doing to your skin, then operate accordingly.

Which brings me to my point – apparently, I have done exactly the wrong things when trying to hydrate for my own protection in the plane and I’ve dried myself out even more. The more I read, the more I learn.

Experts and studies have a very useful place in our world, but for me, personal experience is what is necessary for me to get what I need to know the right things to do.

Just repeatedly spritzing water spray all over my face, much as I enjoyed it, was WRONG!

Turns out, that when the water quickly dries in the airplane air, it parches the skin even more!

Not what I was going for.

So, one needs the second step to get the best benefit from using Water Facial Spray.

  1. Let the water sit on your skin for a minute, lightly blot, then immediately bind and seal the water in with a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer, voila! Moisturized and protected facie!
  2. I have found too, that lotioning up immediately after the shower, keeps my skin hydrated and happy for a much longer time than when I just put moisturizing lotion on completely dry skin, so the principle is the principle: Spray Water, seal with moisturizer, skin feels like baby’s (well, almost).