What Is Mineral Water Spray?

There’s a million products on the market that claim to refresh and hydrate your skin naturally, but it doesn’t get any more natural than H2O itself! Mineral water spray is an ultra gentle facial cleanser that uses the elements found in real mineral water (instead of harsh chemicals and perfumes) to rid the skin of impurities while providing a soothing and cooling sensation.

A fine mist that revitalizes your precious skin using nothing more than elements from the earth – that’s mineral water spray. And the best part? It’s way more affordable than the mountain of other products you’d need to purchase to achieve the same results!


The Benefits for Your Skin

Over time, skin loses some of its luster due to environmental damage, cosmetics laden with chemicals, harsh astringents, age and of course, diet. But what if you could regain some of the glow?

By using mineral water spray daily you’ll get that healthy looking glow back and so much more! From healing sunburned skin to waking it back up after a rough night out, the benefits of this all-natural product are truly endless, no matter what your skin type.

It soothes, cures irritation, cleanses, provides protection from bacteria as well as UV rays, and revitalizes by sending vital nutrients to the facial epidermis. The spray even defends, thanks to the present mineral known as selenium (read: helps build up the skin’s defense system against damage).


Known as a super powerful antioxidant, selenium is awesome for the immune system and offers some incredible anti-aging properties. That’s right ladies, it fights the battle against wrinkles by preventing oxidation and damage to collagen production. When the skin loses collagen it loses elasticity and in turn wrinkles are formed, but selenium’s antioxidant properties help eliminate collagen loss!

Found in the soil, plants and water of the earth (does it get more natural?) selenium has also be shown to be an effective mineral in the fight against skin issues like eczema and psoriasis as well as other human diseases.

Beyond a Beauty Product

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OSAY – Thermal Spring Water

A mega hit in the cosmetic industry as well as the fashion world, mineral water spray is often used on MUA clients for both before and after makeup application, while fashion models get a spritz before shoots to help make skin look fresh and alive!

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a beauty product! In fact, mineral water spray has become increasingly popular with men and children thanks to its long list of skin benefits.

Because it’s all natural and full of incredible antioxidant minerals, the spray works wonders on people of all ages – even babies (and did we mention how soothing it is on diaper rash? New moms take note!).

Hydrate the skin after a chlorinated water shower or pool dip, calm the effects of razor rash and heat rash; mineral water spray even helps relieve discomfort experienced from hot flashes during menopause.

This all-purpose skin solution product is a true must-have for the whole family!

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